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Iris was born in summer, which is the season of rainbows. She is born with colorful eyelashes. Whenever she closes her eyes, there are two more brilliant beautiful rainbows on her face.


Abby is a girl with bright big eyes. She is gentle and introverted. Although she is not good at expressing herself, she is very polite and caring. She really wants to be friends with you.


Becky is a little clever ghost born on Halloween. Her small head is always full of ghost ideas, often use all kinds of funny to bring joy to everyone, love to eat candy, love to share candy.


Carl is a sunny and energetic little boy. He likes to watch some stories about heroes very much. Although sometimes his sense of existence is low, but he always help the weak .


We have a lots of accessories to match our dolls: backpack, shoulder bag, rattles, blanket and more. Ideal gift for toddlers and babies, and warm good partner on the way to growth.


The deep-tone skin dolls are made especially for deep-toned skin kids. They also have curly hair and dark skin. We will try our best to show off the pride of being one of the deep-toned skin people.


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